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Quick Question - Can anyone help me with my astronomy report?

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    I have to write about 3000 words on the M-sigma relationship, about how the mass of a black hole is related to the random velocities of objects in the core of galaxies.

    I'm not much of an astronomer, i am currently doing a physics degree (second year now) but i had to take a single module of astronomy this year. It's about galaxies and I am really bad at it, i have only the most basic knowledge of astronomical things.

    I have one week to get this essay/report thing done and I am struggling to find good sources of information to base my report on. So, my question is, can you suggest any sites on the internet or any books that I could check out for information on this topic?

    So far I have only been able to find a short wikipedia page that gave a very brief account of this so-called M-sigma relation. Any help anyone could give me on this would be fantastic, because there is no way in hell I can come up with 3000 words on this topic on my own in 8 days.

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    Start the paper, by briefly and simply examining the size of the earth compared to the size of the universe, as it is understood to be today.

    That should get the "creative" juices going for you.

    For reference: http://flamewarrior.com/billions.htm

    then "segway" into the main topic.
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