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Quick question on tables and integration

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    ok so here is the problem


    the table integral I am supposed to use is this

    Is it proper to make my u=x^2 and a=2x^(1/2)
    I am asking because the solution guide tells me to complete the square, and then proceed to pick the u and a
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    No. a is assumed to be constant.
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    so if a is any real number i can do this, but if any nonconstant variable is there than I need to find another way? Sorry it has been a while since Ive done this.
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    It doesn't matter whether it's "a" or "b", "y", "z",...You integrate wrt "x" and that's all that matters. Don't use tables of integrals, when the integrations can be done explicitely.
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    Yes, you're right. I was being lazy...constant in this context means a does not depend on x.

    Another one of the little nuances in math.
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    I wouldn't consider the definition of "constant" to be a "little nuance"!
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