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Quick spherical coordinate question

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    So I have the following shape for which I want to calculate the inertia matrix. Basically I just want to know what limits of integration I should use if I am using spherical coordinates. Assume the convention that phi is the angle from x to y in the xy plane and theta is from z to the xy plane. Thus the limits I chose were [theta, -pi/2,pi/2] and [phi,0,pi/2]. Do you agree with these? The reason I ask is I am getting zero for my calculation of Izz.

    Thanks in advance.

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    if your defining theta from the positive z axis then i think theta should go from 0 to pi/2
    and i think phi is from 0 to pi .
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    Thanks so much! I just wasn't visualizing it properly, and I used those values and it seems to be working :D
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    no problem
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