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Radiation physics

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    A layer of water 1 mm thick between two equilibrium-thickness layers of Teflon
    is irradiated by 2-MeV photons.
    (a) From Burlin theory calculate the approximate average dose in the water
    (EWaitfc thre) collision kerma in the adjacent Teflon is 10 Gy. Take pen/
    p = 0.0225 cm2/g for Teflon, use Eq. (10.47) as amended by Janssens et
    al. (1974) to obtain 0, assume a diffuse electron field, and neglect y-ray
    -W hat are the small-cavity (B-G) and large-cavity limiting values for
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    Welcome Ivan, and thank you for posting in New Member Introductions ONLY - No Questions. :smile:

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