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Radiation safety poster

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    Can you produce a safety poster for the handling of radiation for first time users, explaining the ways to handle it, the implications of handling it incorrectly and anything else you think is necessary, for a level science, desperately need a kind sole to show me the way xxxx
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    I sugest you try the Nuclear Engineering Forum

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    Proper handling of radiation sources depends on the sources themselves. If you're handing such things for the first time it should be done under supervision by someone who is qualified to handle such sources and that person should be providing you with proper handling procedures.

    As a starting point though the basics of radiation safety are: time, distance and shielding. Your goal whenever handling a source of ionizing radiation is to keep your equivalent doses as low as reasonably achievable, social and economic factors considered. And you do this by minimizing the time spent handling the source, maximizing your distance from the source, and use appropriate shielding to keep doses as low as you can.
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    See images here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionizing_radiation#Types_of_ionizing_radiation

    and - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionizing_radiation#Indirectly_ionizing (same article lower on the page).

    One could make a poster with those images. Gamma rays and neutrons are highly penetrating. The gammas scatter off electrons, which ionizes atoms, while neutrons knock nuclei and their atoms about.
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    The xkcd poster helps put doses in perspective

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