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Radio wave and what it means

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    What does that mean? and can I change it
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    Wait until you become a microwave, an infrared, or hard-core gamma, like Mentat
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    Yeah, people should aspire to be "like Mentat"! LOL!
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    btw, yes, you can change it. If you go to your "user control panel" and click on "edit profile", then you should see a section of your profile that refers to your status (as "radiowave" or whatever other wave you may be). This is reflection of how many posts you have (more posts will change the "wave status"), but you can change it to be (almost) whatever you want it to be.
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    So I could just put Gamma wave and no one would no the difference?
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    Mentat fan club - sign up here

    Would a world filled to overflowing with 'Mentat-likes' be a better world? [?]

    Of course it would! Among other things, we'd know what consciousness is, have a working definition of life, a true invisibility suit, speak fluent Spanish (as well as English), ... :smile:

    But would there be fewer crackpots?
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    Re: Mentat fan club - sign up here


    Don't forget that everyone's fingers would be double-jointed, everyone would post like mad on the PFs (four windows open to the PFs, each on a different thread...curse that "30 seconds between posts" rule!), and the world would be a better place...for me, anyway :wink:
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    Actually, I'm not sure about that...you should try it and find out.
  10. Dec 18, 2003 #9
    did it work?
  11. Dec 18, 2003 #10
    nope no gamma wave lets see if it changes this time
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