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I RC circuits multpile R's and C's

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    I have a circuit which it looks like this. Adsız.png

    We need to write the general RC equation.Can I reduce this circuit to like ##R_{eq}## and ##C_{eq}## then solve it ?

    This is not a homework question.Just need theoretical approach
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    What do you want to know? The current, the transient equation or what? You have indicated a "Q" - do you want to know the charge on the capacitor, and at what point in time? Come on - be specific!
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    Like in simple one its ##ε=R\frac {dQ} {dt}+\frac {Q} {C}##
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    If you are only interested in finding 'Q' as a function of time, you can neglect the other two RC branches and go with this equation.
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    But we need general equation...I found like ##Q(t)=3Cε(1-e^{\frac {-t} {RC}})##
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    That's correct, provided Q is the total charge supplied by the battery.
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