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Re-taking a failed semester in collage and dropping the previous recorded one?

  1. Aug 7, 2012 #1
    Hallo everyone!

    Ok, my best friend and I are in the same university together. We know each other for 7 years...

    The guy is smart and he pretty much can get a very good gpa 3.5 - 4/4. Problem is! His a undeclared undergrad majoring in Electrical Engineering.

    So he just passed his freshmen year.
    Unfortunately with bad scores, in his first semester(fall) he didn't really get used to the lifestyle overseas (were both foreign in the states) and to the collage lifestyle. He then said I'll push myself in the next semester(spring)!

    Ok, he started off all good... Getting all good grades and such. Until he heard the news of a dear relative whom passed away... That news came in the beginning of the second month of the second semester(spring).

    That really effected him I mean I know the guy as a brother never seen him like that....
    He was crying all day and night for days and days! I was with him in the same classes and he skipped a lot of them! He was really in a bad emotional state of mind...

    The guy change dramatically he didn't care about anything! He traveled back to his home and stayed with his family for a weekend then came back still depressed as hell! I don't blame him honestly. His relative was really someone important in his life that he loved so so so much. Man I almost cried listening to his father telling me the awful news(He was too afraid to even tell his son! Worrying a lot about his reaction).

    So at the end of the semester he started to get better... He did go to his classes but didn't really give it his "all". Do you blame him? I really felt bad for the guy...

    So we met up after a few months and his ok now.

    Now here's his problem that Im worried about too... His advisor said: "That during the last semester's spring & fall you got terrible grades(below 2.00) and that would effect you're chances of getting in you're major and getting a total good GPA in the long run."

    So his options are: Dropping the semester because of the bad grades and his grandmother's death...
    Or leaving the university and re-applying for other universities... Because of his grades... And starts all over again.

    His advisor: "Said we can take the term cancelation/withdrawal/drop as an option but you have to have a good reason for it". Since my buddy already used the repeat/delete option that allows him to re-take the classes he failed in the first semester again in the second semester with the intentions of getting a better grade.

    Death of a relative he loved so much is strong reason right?
    So my friend has to meet up with his advisor and take the option and give him the reason why the "council" should agree.

    I hate when the "council" are envolved I feel like they would brutally say NO! But, why should they? The guy wants to repeat or drop or cancel his term... He has no other option since he used most of them for the "spring semester".

    What do you guys think would happen? Would they agree and let him repeat the term and start over? Or should he really start considering other universities...

    Man I've been thinking about a lot! Could anyone give me the chances for my friend here?

    Since were in a state university I don't recall them being very strict so I honestly I think he would get that chance, but he really needs to show them his persistent about it! I understand he should have informed them earlier but he was in a very bad emotional state that bringging up the topic would break him again... He tried to finish that semester(spring) but really you can't expect someone to do well on his priorities when someone very very dear to his heart passes away without seeing them and being thousands and thousands of miles away... Not even going to the funeral... That really really bad for him.

    What do you all think? Do universities take "death" as a major excuse and would allow him to re-take his term? I mean they lose nothing... Why should't they?


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    Re: Re-taking a failed semester un collage and dropping the preview recored one?

    Each university will have its policies and protocols - we really can't say what is right or not, and there's no way to tell what your specific school will do about this situation. But in general, yes - a death in the family is a recognized reason for poor performance.

    In my opinion: he should not try to start over at a different school. He's already been through a very tough time. Moving and re-adjusting to a new place will only add to his stress. I know it seems like a "fresh start" would be as good idea, but I think going to where no one knows him would be much harder than he thinks.

    He should talk openly and honestly to his advisor. He should ask for a second chance.

    Best of luck to him, whatever he decides!
  4. Aug 7, 2012 #3
    Re: Re-taking a failed semester un collage and dropping the preview recored one?

    Thank you so much! The thing is, he has so many doubts about this topic and thinks he won't be given another chance! I told him "death" isn't something thats common! Its a very very very! Serious issue and also considered as a STRONG EXCUSE. I mean were human at the end of the day so they'll understand "hopefully".

    Thanks again!
  5. Aug 12, 2012 #4
    Re: Re-taking a failed semester un collage and dropping the preview recored one?

    One thing though.... Do you think there is a chance they would refuse? I mean he has a very strong excuse. If you have any point that could possibly effect his chances of getting that old term dropped could you share it? Thanks.
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