Reaction Tags Busted? Investigating Missing Icons

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In summary, there was a discussion about two posts in a thread that had a "reaction" tag at the bottom with the member's names (Russ and Jim). However, there was no label accompanying the tag and no icon or rollover text. One user mentioned that according to the HTML, the reactions were "Likes" but there was still no icon or text when moused over. It was later revealed that the issue was caused by a temporary drop in the CDN, but it could easily be fixed in 15 minutes. The user jokingly gave the person 20 minutes to fix it.
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I was just reading this other thread. Two of the posts have a "reaction" tag at the bottom with the member's name (one Russ and the other Jim). I'd expect a label with them, such as 'Likes this' or 'Informative', but these have none.

According to the HTML, they're 'Likes', but there's no icon, and no rollover text:
<span class="reaction reaction--small reaction--1" data-reaction-id="1">
  <i aria-hidden="true"></i><img src=""
     class="reaction-sprite js-reaction"


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Yeah, I have the same problem. A mouse-over on the "like" word just results in an empty box. Mouse-overs along the length of the box show the words for each icon that isn't there.
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I had to drop the CDN for a couple months and this was a little collateral damage. I can fix it in 15min.
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Greg Bernhardt said:
I had to drop the CDN for a couple months and this was a little collateral damage. I can fix it in 15min.
OK. We'll give you 20. Hop to it :oldlaugh:
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1. What are reaction tags?

Reaction tags are icons or symbols that represent a specific emotion or response, usually used in online communication or social media platforms.

2. What does it mean when a reaction tag is missing?

When a reaction tag is missing, it means that the corresponding icon or symbol is not visible or available to use. This could be due to technical issues, updates, or intentional removal by the platform.

3. Why is it important to investigate missing reaction tags?

Investigating missing reaction tags can help identify any technical issues or changes in the platform that may affect user experience. It can also provide insights into the popularity and usage of certain reaction tags.

4. How can scientists investigate missing reaction tags?

Scientists can investigate missing reaction tags by analyzing data and conducting experiments on various platforms. They can also gather feedback from users and collaborate with developers to understand the cause of the issue.

5. What are the potential implications of missing reaction tags?

Missing reaction tags can affect user engagement and communication on social media platforms. It can also impact the accuracy of data analysis and research studies that rely on reaction tags as a form of data collection.

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