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Real image from concave mirror

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    "real" image from concave mirror

    Ok so in we are currently doing mirrors and reflections in physics and from what I learned there are 2 types of images: real and virtual. I know that a virtual image is what you see INSIDE the mirror; but what does a real image looks like? I can't find anything online.. or maybe my seaching skill is just bad, but please someone enlighten me. Oh and something like a pic or vid will be better description than just words :D
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    Re: "real" image from concave mirror

    What sort of image do you think a lens projects onto a piece of film?
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    Re: "real" image from concave mirror

    If you stand back far enough from the mirror that the real image is between you and the mirror, you can see the image "floating" in front of the mirror.
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    A real image is simply an image where real light rays are coming back together after being reflected. With virtual images, the eye traces the reflected rays back to a point because it's tricked and doesn't account for the misdirection by the mirror. Both are images, per se, the only real difference is that a real image can be projected onto a screen, and the virtual image requires someone to look at the mirror and their brain to be tricked. If you have a concave mirror, I suggest trying this out with some paper or a screen in a room with a window. You should be able to see the room projected onto the paper if you get things right, just don't use direct sunlight
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