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Rebounding after one bad semester

  1. Mar 12, 2015 #1

    I have a predicament. One semester during the summer, my mother made a silly mistake that could have costed my thousands of dollars. Luckily, I handled it, but because of this stress, my grades suffered slightly. I got my first B+ and an A- in two math classes which does not seem too bad, but I had all A's prior. Now, if I maintain A's this semester, I can maintain an overall >3.9 GPA in both my astrophysics and math major. How bad would one semester look in the scope of things if I tidy up and excel for the remaining 3 and a half years I plan to remain in school?

    Edit: I understand this is just a little bit of nitpicking, but I was curious.
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    I think there's no impact at all. Be aware that courses get much tougher at the junior level prepare yourself for a lot more work and study. Each year of college is like three years of highschool so you see things will escalate quite quickly.
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    Nope, not bad at all. In ten years you'll look bad and wonder why you stressed them, if you remember at all. Full speed ahead!
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