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Recommend me h-bridge ic for stepper motor

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    Recommend me h-bridge ic
    -output rated for 4~5A
    - can be controlled by min 2 digital PMW inputs
    - optional* half step
    - optional* SMD

    23HS8630 stepper motor specs :
    6 wires ,
    3A / phase ,
    1.0 Ohm / phase ,
    1.8 mH / phase

    Thanks :D
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    Have you tried doing a parametric search on any of the IC manufacturer's websites, digikey, etc?
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    So i did and i didnt get definitive answer so i am asking for help :D ( building custom is another option )

    sry if i wasted your time
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    Haha, I see you are responding to my initial response which I immediately ninja-edited into a more presentably form. You're too quick for me! I should have stayed in bed.
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    well lets keep it civil :D
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