What is Stepper motor: Definition and 63 Discussions

A stepper motor, also known as step motor or stepping motor, is a brushless DC electric motor that divides a full rotation into a number of equal steps. The motor's position can be commanded to move and hold at one of these steps without any position sensor for feedback (an open-loop controller), as long as the motor is correctly sized to the application in respect to torque and speed.
Switched reluctance motors are very large stepping motors with a reduced pole count, and generally are closed-loop commutated.

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  1. mastermechanic

    Electronics How to control a stepper motor in closed loop (PID) in arduino?

    Hello, What I have I have a NEMA17 stepper motor driven by a DRV8825 driver module, an arduino uno, a multiturn potentiometer. What I want to do I want to control the stepper motors in a PID closed loop. The motor shaft will be connected to the potentiometer and I will be sure that the motor...
  2. L

    Orbital shaker - DC servo or stepper motor

    Hi, I wish to build an orbital shaker (a bigger version of these examples: https://learn.adafruit.com/crickit-lab-shaker https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2983846 As my aim is that it will work continuously for months around 100rpm what is preferred in aspects of heat and weight on top of...
  3. V

    How to select stepper motor for a Z-axis application with Ballscrew

    I build a Z-axis (not the one displayed on image). The weight of the Buildplatform is 2.29kg and is going to be used on a MSLA printer, so the weight might get increased 1kg additionally, so 3.29kg. The problem is that when detached from the printed model from Fep film there is a resistive...
  4. L

    Stepper motor current/torque model

    I've set up an expression for the current in a stepper motor coil. Each current pulse resembles a trapezoid in the time domain. Now I'm trying to figure out how to best use this to model the torque behavior for different RPS. My ide was to integrate over time to get the whole pulse...
  5. L

    What is the limiting factor for the maximum speed of stepper motors?

    I was discussing stepper motors with a friend. We touched upon different aspects. I showed how the coils in the motor have a limit to how fast they can be fully saturated with current, and how this time can be calculated by the aid of Kirchhoff's and Lentz's law. The theoretical speed calculated...
  6. E

    3D Printer Stepper Motor Torque Requirements Using Gear Reduction

    I hope to explore mechanical engineering one day so I can answer these kinds of questions on my own, but until then, I appeal to anyone that knows how to do this to help me. I am building a core xy 3D Printer and I want to use a belt driven Z axis. I will have 3 or 4 stepper motors to drive...
  7. Z

    What torque-speed curve should I use for my stepper motor selection?

    Hello everybody, I have a project in which I need to continuously rotate some plates attached to rods across a flow and measure the effect of these plates on the flow in downstream. The rotation must be in specific angular velocities. Let's assume I expect the maximum moment applied on the...
  8. Y

    How to select a stepper motor and gear ratio?

    Hello, I could use some help learning how to properly size stepper motor. Suppose that I want to use a stepper motor to move a load against the force of gravity. It must be able to start, stop, and hold it's position against the static load. I know the maximum torque of the load. In addition, I...
  9. Scottydntno

    How can I wire a bipolar stepper motor to switches for my laser engraver?

    Hello everyone, I currently bought a Z axis table for my laser engraver. I am trying to hook the stepper motor up separately. I currently have a 12v transformer, a capacitor, 2 push button switches and one 3 way switch along with the stepper motor. Is there any way I can wire the stepper to the...
  10. J

    Auto/Motor How Can I Make My DIY Swirl Push Maker Create Perfect Spirals?

    Hi Everyone! I am trying to a DIY project to make a food maker. I am 50% succeeded with that and need help for the remaining 50%. The idea is to produce the output shown in the first image. That food is made with a flour. So I have the setup a pressing machine shown in image2. In this I was...
  11. M

    Stepper torque calculation to drive a solid cylinder

    Hi All, I'm working on some design and apparently my physics expertise are getting rusty,i'd appreciate some help with the following:- I need to calculate the required torque for a stepper motor to rotate a solid cylinder with the following properties:- radius : 20cm height: 12cm density : the...
  12. V

    Is it possible to convert a DC motor to a Stepper motor?

    I have doubt. Is it possible to convert DC motor to Stepper ? If yes then what is the procedure ?
  13. A

    Induction Motor to Stepper Motor

    Can induction motor be used as a stepper motor ?
  14. me_dexter

    What core materials are suitable for high-speed stepper motors?

    I want to make a stepper Motor. How to find the suitable core material. Can I use Annealed iron as core for stepper Motor? Will Eddy current loss will be more in it ? Is there any way to calculate diff core losses of diff material https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_core Saw the following...
  15. SquidPhysics

    Microstepping, Gearing, and Torque

    So for my current project, I need to hold a crystal on a platform that needs to turn on the scale of microradians. I'm accomplishing this with a 1.8 degree/full step stepper motor that I'll be microstepping by 1/256 full step. To get to microradians, I'll need an additional division of steps...
  16. T

    Finding Torque Without An Angular Acceleration (stepper motor)

    A friend of mine posed a question to me the other day and I can't seem to wrap my head around it. He's working with an electric stepper motor to turn a large thin disk, but he can't be sure of the torque required because to find the torque he needs the moment of inertia and the angular...
  17. Sherldonnnn

    Transistor questions in control a stepper motor

    Hello, I am Sherldonnnn. I'm very happy I can ask my questions here to get your help. If you can help me solving my questions that will be very nice. Now I am trying to control a stepper motor with a simple transistor-based switch. I still with to consult with the experts here on some basic...
  18. J

    Optimizing Precision in Stepper Motor Driven Gear Systems

    I am driving 2 different gears with a belt off of a stepper motor that has a step angle of 0.018 degrees. For the purpose of my project, I need to have high precision between the stepper motor and the gears that it's driving. Is it necessary to have 20,000 teeth (360/0.018) on the gear that's...
  19. A

    How Do Gear Ratios Affect Stepper Motor Performance in Lock Systems?

    Homework Statement The number of teeth in the dial gear of the combination lock system is 40 The number of teeth in the stepper motor gear of the combination lock system is 10 The number of teeth in the dial-stepper connecting wheel of the combination lock system is 80 1) What are the gear...
  20. S

    Stepper Motor Working: Benefits & Challenges

    Hey guys, I am planning to use a stepper motor for a project of mine(Auto clutch system) I would like to know if the stepper resists rotation if the power supply to it is cut,as this will be useful when we decide to shift the clutch to our control.
  21. N

    Servo or stepper motor for robotic leg?

    Hey all, simple question, when building a robotic leg (a small one, bout 30 cm with two partitions, thigh and calf) would one use a stepper motor or a servo? We want the leg to keep its position (as though it were a dc motor attached to a worm gear) and be able to lift 2kg. Any advice...
  22. A

    Calculating Worm Gear & Stepper Motor for Single Axis Solar Tracker

    Dear all, I am trying to build single axis solar tracker using worm gear, I need guide line for calculation of worm gear & stepper motor .he are some relation i taken, But i wanted whether its correct & need to explain with example efficiency= (output Power of Worm gear/ Input Power of...
  23. S

    Understanding Residual Flux and Inconsistent Rotation in Stepper Motors

    Quick question: I have a stepper motor that is 0.25 degrees per step, and so 4 steps is required for a degree. When we pump 20 steps into it, it moves 5 degrees. However, if we go to pump another 20 steps into it right after that, it does not move 5 degrees. Is it possible that residual flux is...
  24. D

    Increase stepper motor voltage past rated

    So I have a 28BYJ48 stepper motor... it is rated at a voltage of 5V. I would like to optimise its speed and torque, which could be done through increasing voltage, but I know that an increase in voltage means more current i.e. will get a little hot. My question is... if I do run it at a high...
  25. D

    Calculate required torque for differential drive robot

    Hello everyone, So I am working on a differential drive vehicle... max weight 6kg and using two stepper motors centred on a circular shaped flat body. I want to try and work out if these stepper motors have enough torque to drive the thing. I am a second year engineering student, but I haven't...
  26. A

    What is the Optimal Stepper Motor Torque for Coupling with a Ball Screw?

    I have to select a stepper motor for the following specifications. I need to know the torque which will be sufficient for me to get the driving torque required. Drive torque = 2.6 Nm Gear ration used for coupling = 3:1 (Reduction) Im to couple the motor with a ball screw.
  27. J

    Do I need a 360 servo or stepper motor?

    Hey guys. Jarfi here, I'm working on some gear, a system powered by a rotation that needs to move at least 360 degrees. Requirements: Fast rotations(used for stabilization) Fast response time needs to be able to hold a position like servos do needs to be not too big, under 5x5cm area and...
  28. M

    Stepper Motor or Linear Actuator

    Hi,I am trying to design a simple autonomous braking system for a 4 wheel drive ATV. The system needs to be as cheap as possible. I have come up with two possible solutions. The use of a linear Actuator to activate the brake or a stepper motor attached in someway to the master cylinder. It needs...
  29. P

    What is the optimal voltage for a stepper motor?

    Hello All, I am a ME student but, I'm trying to teach myself EE. I am testing out a stepper motor. Here are the specs for the motor: Rated Voltage: 5.7V Rated Current: 1A per Phase Resistance per Phase: 5.7V I am using 15 VDC and want to make sure I don't blow the motor. Using Ohm's Law...
  30. N

    Stepper motor increase rpm but keep torque

    Is it possible that I keep the typical working torque but increase the rpm by raising my voltage to my motor? I have this motor and control board: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/stepper-motors/3514631/ http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/stepper-drives-indexers/2407920/?origin=PSF_421243|acc...
  31. W

    Is My Stepper Motor Wind Generator Output Too High?

    Hello Wizards! I'm trying to use a stepper motor as a wind powered generator. I connected some resistors to one coil of the motor, and turned the motor with a drill, while reading the voltages. The power ( watts ) number I came up with seems too high. Am I missing something...
  32. M

    Controlling a Stepper motor with L298N board

    Hi guys, So i just bought a L298N motor driver board and I'm planing to connect it to a stepper motor. I'm wondering what kind of stepper motor should i use? The one that has 4 wires or 6 wires? Btw, what's the difference with bipolar and unipolar stepper motor? I'm planing to control it...
  33. Y

    Engineering How to control stepper motor speed in emu8086?

    how can we control stepper motor in emu8086? we have to take input AT RUNTIME that if we enter 0 it will stop the stepper motor, 1 for slow speed, 2 for medium and 3 for fast speed.
  34. K

    Stepper motor for 1200 kg linear force

    stepper motor for 1200 kg linear "force" Hi all, For a project I need to bring over a linear force of 1200 kg onto a steel rod of about 10 mm. I would like to have some guidance in how I could do this with a stepper motor. How 'heavy' does this motor have to be ? I most powerful ones I've...
  35. S

    Stepper Motor Selection: Tips and Calculations for Choosing the Right Motor

    Hi, Please I want to know how to select the proper stepper motor for a particular application and what are the calculations needed. thank you
  36. P

    Can gears increase Holding Torque of a stepper motor?

    Hi, I know you can use gears to increase the torque of a motor while it is rotating, but what about when it is still? Will the holding torque be any different from the case without gears? I expect that there won't be any advantage, but want to make sure.
  37. elementHTTP

    Recommend me h-bridge ic for stepper motor

    Recommend me h-bridge ic -output rated for 4~5A - can be controlled by min 2 digital PMW inputs - optional* half step - optional* SMD 23HS8630 stepper motor specs : 6 wires , 3A / phase , 1.0 Ohm / phase , 1.8 mH / phase Thanks :D
  38. M

    Stepper Motor Anatomy and Logic

    Hello all, I've been learning and trying to reverse-engineer the logic, nature and anatomy of a stepper motor. In my quest I am trying to figure out what any given stepper motor will draw at any given rpm with given specs about the motor. These motors come with certain specs as far as...
  39. Y

    Is my stepper motor causing vibration on my wooden plate?

    Hi everyone, For a project I'm working on, I'm mounting a stepper motor against a wooden, round plate. This wooden plate is again fixed on a table. The stepper motor is fixed to the wooden plate using 2 metal brackets. The stepper motor itself drives a round object of about 0.4 kg that is...
  40. M

    Understanding Stepper Motors - How Loads Affect Motor Torque

    Was hoping someone could help me understand stepper motors a bit more. I was just wondering that if a stepper motor is already in operation driving a simple conveyor belt system, when a load is suddenly applied to the conveyor belt will the stepper motor draw more current to increase the...
  41. L

    H-Bridge troubles (driving a stepper motor)

    I'm trying to drive a stepper motor with an h-bridge. The motor has four input leads, so uses two h-bridges. I need to be able to reverse the current through the coils (thats why I'm using the h-bridges), and control the mosfets on either side of the h-bridge with one 5V output pulse from an...
  42. Y

    Building a Device with Vertical Pipe and Stepper Motor - Help Needed

    Hello. Im bilding a device. I have 1m vertical pipe with fan in the bottom and stepper motor at the top with sliding ping pong ball in it. (pipe d=45mm, ball d=40mm 2.7g) Stepper controls ping pong high in the pipe. The device is working but mehanics is not my aria at all so...
  43. T

    Stepper Motor Torque: Up to 1.5 Nm?

    Hi, currently I am working on robotics application. I am using RC Servo motor (because of the size and the torque it can generate) however we want to upgrade it either to Brush DC Motor, or Brushless DC Motor, or Stepper Motor. I have been searching for Brush and Brushless, however I...
  44. S

    Calculating the strength needed for each electromagnet in a stepper motor

    I am designing a stepper motor, and I need someone to check my calculations. The results seem impossibly low... Suppose the vehicle driven by the motor is already up to speed. The force needed to maintain that speed are, say, 100 Newtons. At the speed, the stepper motor performs 15,000...
  45. T

    Stepper motor just vibrates in CCW

    I have a 5-wire unipolar J835L. I have not been able to find the datasheet on it, but I have found this diagram: also, the motor has the following information printed on its label: Uni-Polar, Bi-Filar 120 Ohms 7.5° per step I have connected a ULN2003A between the uC and the motor...
  46. T

    Driving a compact can crusher- stepper motor or gear motor?

    Greetings everyone, I'm in the process of designing a compact can crushing device for use on my college campus to crush aluminum beverage cans. The device consists of a 6ft tall x 5'' diameter steel tube mounted vertically to the inside corner of a residential style wheeled dumpster. The...
  47. A

    High-frequency (inaudible by humans) acoustic noise from stepper motor

    Hello, I am using stepper motors for some neuroscience experiments on rats. The problem is that our experiments are being corrupted by high-frequency noise. The acoustic frequency of the noise is high enough that humans can't hear it, but rats can (humans can hear up to 20 kHz, whereas rats...
  48. M

    Controlling a stepper motor with computer

    Hello all, I want to control a stepper motor using the computer to track the motion of a teacher in a classroom. For example i might put a webcam on the motor and control the motor to keep the camera pointing to the teacher. The teacher will be using a pen with an IR led at its top so that...
  49. L

    How can I safely use HDD stepper motors for different applications?

    I recently pulled apart two old hard drives, and extracted the stepper motors. I already know they would have to be fairly accurate to be used in hard drives. So here are my questions: 1. These were 7200 RPM hard drives. I'm guessing the motors are probably capable of going much faster...
  50. N

    Stepper motor just vibrates and gets hot

    I have a 5-wire unipolar J835L. I have not been able to find a data sheet on it, but I have found this diagram: also, the motor has the following information printed on its label: Uni-Polar, Bi-Filar 120 Ohms 7.5° per step or 48 full steps per revolution JARL J835L PM 24P I have connected a...