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Recommended Reference Manager Software

  1. Aug 12, 2014 #1
    Hello everyone. I like to ask for suggestions for an efficient reference manager software. Hm, here are the characteristics I am looking for.
    -Has an online counterpart where I can save articles that I want to download someday
    -Has a tagging system (i.e. I can attach certain keywords to an article and when I type that keyword, all articles that is attached to that keyword will appear)
    -Has annotations system for writing notes in the journal articles I read. Preferably something that allows me to highlight the text in the PDF.
    -Transferable data (i.e. if I choose change the Reference Manager Software, I could export my data in some popular format and input that to my new software.)

    I checked online and there are a lot of suggestions such as Mendeley, Zotero, Docear, etc. What software do you recommend to use? Thank you very much.
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    I'm sorry you are not generating any responses at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us? Any new findings?
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    I'm old school and just use a spreadsheet but a few of my coworkers use Mendeley and really, really like it.
  5. Aug 30, 2014 #4
    Hi! I found a comparison of Mendeley, Docear, and Zotero in this site:

    I started with Mendeley but they say some bad reviews about it-like lock-in features and having to create an online account which sparks some data security issues. Some research groups doesn't like to use Mendeley and if you've built your RRL annotations through Mendeley, I am not sure if transferring the data would be that easy. :/
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