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News Red and Blue States

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    In the U.S.A., states have been divided into red and blue. Who got to choose this? If I were a decider for a political party, I would want the "other guy" to be red. There have been notorious regimes that have had a red flag. A map with an increasing hord of red looks disturbing. Is there unfairness here?
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    Please do not tell me we're going to start catering to micro-aggression based on primary colors --- there's just the one remaining, and while both major parties might deserve to claim it, both reject the connotation attached --- people are happy --- leave it that way.
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    Thanks for the link, Czcibor. I'll have to look into this. My opinion is more United States residents would prefer blue if they had to choose a "political color". In Civil War board games, look how the pieces are colored. ---and water taps, and Star Trek uniforms. Red is the dangerous member of a crew, while blue is the strategist, as with the Daleks. Colors have meaning based on conventions or opinions. I would wager that blue would win out in a national vote for the U.S.A.'s favorite color out of red, white, and blue. So what seems arbritray could actually give a visual and now semantic advantage to an assummed-to-be blue party.
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    What on earth does a favorite color have to do with media showing which Presidential candidate carried a state? It's just a visual aid for viewers, and have changed in the past and may change in the future. Your reasons are nonsensical.
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