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B Reduction of eddy currents' magnetic field during induction

  1. Jul 9, 2016 #1
    Since the field in the title is opposing the original magnetic flux that causes the induction, how can it be reduced?
    I understand that a laminated magnetic core can be used.
    1) Where is this magnetic laminated core placed?
    2) Can it be obtained from specialized manufacturers?
    3) My choice for the permanent magnet is the natural kind. Would this be the best choice, given that artificially magnetized materials lose their strength in time?

    Sorry for the awkward, all-over-the-place manner in which I post the questions.
    I am ignorant and eager.

    I appreciate, beforehand, the knowledge and patience of all respondents.
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    Sounds like you are talking about a transformer. The windings are wound on the core. images (1).png
    Could you elaborate?
  4. Jul 12, 2016 #3
    All commercially available permanent magnets are artificially magnetized. Reducing eddy current is unimportant unless the core permits alternating magnetic flux (such as electric motor armature, antenna core, or transformer). You want the retentivity of the ferromagnetic core to be as low as possible in those cases.

    In a permanent magnet, it's the opposite. The greater the retentivity, the better.
  5. Jul 13, 2016 #4
    Many thanks to both!

    Here is what's going on:

    I have access to a primary source of energy which I would use to maintain the motion of a translator in a linear generator.
    In my mind, the translator would be a natural permanent magnet.
    - What are the losses due to the eddy currents during the process?
    How do I minimize those?
    - What about the heating?
    What is the best cooling method?
    - Any other caveats?

  6. Jul 14, 2016 #5
    If you're talking about a homopolar generator, the conventional way to reduce eddy current is to arrange the magnetic field so that it doesn't induce current that recirculates.
  7. Jul 16, 2016 #6
    Thank you.
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