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Reflecting microcosm in macrocosm

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    Hi All,

    I am an enthusiast in particle physics not its practisioner, but then I am inclined to raise this issue, that what if we think that somehow microcosm(e.g Bohr Atoms structure, crude e.g) is reflected in the macrocosm(solar system), then can we import Standard Model of Particles and apply it to the Cosmos and see if we can find traces of what we see in our particle labs have analogoues in Universe, offcourse we can't control the course of cosmic events as we can do on particles, but I would be inclined to think that Nature can make cosmic entities do all kind of wierd stuff particles do in our labs, so I would put forward the thesis that :

    Microcosmos is reflected on the macrocosmos and vice versa.
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    Welcome to PF, sardar!
    You would be in good company. Since the universe is filled with more powerful particle accelerators than are possible for us to construct, particle physicists regularly dabble in cosmology and vice versa. Our universe is weird and never apologizes for breaking our rules.
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