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Reflecting of reflection in relation to time

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    I'm speculating about the nature of time, or at least a perception of it, and I'm thinking of an analogy to represent some of these speculations.

    I thought about how images are reflected to infinity when placed between two mirrors, but I would like to specifically know what the reflection of an eye placed in the centre of a perfectly mirrored sphere would see?
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    This is not altogether different from the rotating mirror experiment to measure the speed of light. In parallel mirrors, a light beam in motion will suffer tiny displacements in multiply reflected images. The effect is limited by reflectivity losses, but measurable.
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    The situation given here is completely static and has nothing to do with time.
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    Well, the situation my analogy of time is meant to describe may also be static, and that time as motion/direction may indeed (under certain circumstances) be described instead as time as a state not in motion (but perhaps of space as an expanse).

    There is a philosophic content to my analogy as well, so perhaps my request is misplaced in this section. However, upon knowing the answer to my question, I will complicate it to achieve another step in the thinking process toward the final analogy. Thanks so far. G
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    Perhaps you should think about motion, Zegnarfol. Consider a space containing a single featureless object. There is no motion, and no concept of no time. Now consider a space containing two adjacent objects. There is still no motion, and still no concept of time. But now start the objects moving and there is a concept of time. But note it is a concept, a perception. What is actually out there is the space and the objects with their changing locations.
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    Yes, farsight, that is along the lines I'm progressing with. Thank you. As I'm looking at the static aspect of time, I'm also tying in the idea of stasis of location as a complimentary facet of my analogy that implies primacy of changing perception, in the sense that, if all substance were omnipresent and all circumstances on a closed timeline were encapsulated in a frozen moment (the mirrored sphere), perception acts as another kind of mirror reflecting only those events and substances inherent in the reflecting properties of the perceptive mirror.

    However, I still really require some feedback on my original question of what reflection is seen within a mirrored sphere? Does anyone have any idea? After I have an idea of that, I can present the question in a more developed form. Cheers.
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