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Refresh in 11th grade physics

  1. Apr 11, 2012 #1
    Canadian physics standards may be different then that of US Standards.

    I am middle aged but wanted to try for the electrician apprentice program offered by the local technical collages. In order to be a apprentice, 11th grade physics and 11th grade math are pre requirements and I will be tested on them in june.

    I am trying to find a site online that discusses area of Wave Motion and Geometric Optics; Kinematics; Dynamics; Energy; Special Relativity; , static and dynamic friction, pendium calculation of time, calculating time for a rolling object to reach bottom of a ramp and so on.

    Also, are there live online audio discussions that talk about physics from a beginner standpoint?
    Text learning is kind of boring but live sessions would be so much more interactive.

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