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A Refutation of physics in _The Beginning of Infinity_?

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    Does anyone know of a written refutation of the quantum physics David Deutsch presents in his book _The Beginning of Infinity_?

    PS I have no intention of summarizing the material. If you aren't familiar with it, I don't want you to try to argue with a summary.
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    Why do you think it can be refuted? It is his favorite quantum mechanics interpretation. As an interpretation it cannot be refuted.
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    [A number of posts that are not directly responsive to this question have been removed by the mentors]

    There's a fair amount of criticism and disagreement out there, but I'm not aware of anything that would count as an (effective) refutation.

    However, the lack of an such a refutation doesn't tell us whether Deutsch is right or not - it just tells us that his thinking is not fatally flawed (internally inconsistent, already falsified by experiment, contains a basic mathematical error, ....) and we already knew that. To decisively settle the question, we'd need experiments that both support Deutsch's willingness to push MWI further than anyone else and don't support the alternatives. So far these do not exist.

    Thus, the debate comes down to the aesthetic question that drives so many interpretational discussions: Which understanding of QM is most attractive? That's not a useful internet forum discussion, so this thread is closed. As with all such closures, PM me or any of the other mentors if you would like to make a constructive contribution, perhaps by providing a link to a that would answer the original "Does anyone know..." question.
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