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Homework Help: Regular singular points of 2nd order ODE

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    [PLAIN]http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/6778/complex.png [Broken]

    I did the coefficient of the w' term. What about the w term?

    This seems like a fairly standard thing, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    What ansatz should I use for q, if the eqn is written w''+pw'+qw?
    C/(z-a)²+ D/(z-b)²?
    Any conditions, except for the one generated by z->1/t substitution?
    Or should I use C+cz on the top, etc?
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    Well, if a 2nd order ODE has regular singular points at [itex]z=a[/itex] and [itex]z=b[/itex], then [itex]q[/itex] has poles up to 2nd order at those points, and the most general form of [itex]q[/itex] is then


    where [itex]g(z)[/itex] is analytic everywhere. You should have used similar reasoning to find


    Then just apply the linearity condition to find [itex]f[/itex] and [itex]g[/itex].
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