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Rejuvenating a print head

  1. Dec 18, 2006 #1
    I know I've been asking alot of questions lately, but here's another.
    Does anyone know of a way to unclog the jets on the print head of an inkjet printer? I have the kind of printer where the print head and ink tanks are seperate. I've tried disassembling and soaking them in water, warm water overnight, with limited results. Right now I'm soaking them in methanol. Don't know what that'll do. Maybe destroy them? No big deal. I can't get them to spit out a drop of ink anyway. I'm just tired of paying high prices for ink and print heads:yuck: They cost more than I paid for the printer new.

    Thanx again.

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    This has happened to me before. Usually it happens when I dont use my printer for like three weeks. I tried cleaning it by printing out patterns and what not, and I also did the manual cleaning. But no luck, so I had to buy a new one :( Mayb thats the case for you also.

    Someone told me that isopropyl alcohol sometimes solves it. Give it a try before you waste all that money.
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    Yes. I tried the alcohol and all the pores in and thru the print head are clear. I verified this, but when I try to print with it it spits and sputters all over the paper. I think the print head mechanism itself may be malfuntioning, cuz when I try to print high res. nothing comes out at all. You see I refill the ink tanks myself, but I think the print head itself also has a finite life and doesn't last indefinetely.
    Maybe it's time for a new inkjet.
    Any suggestions?? What's good out there? I'm not looking for speed.
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    If you don't need colour prints, get a b/w laser printer.
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    The idea of a laser printer is great, but yeah I do need color and a color laser printer is too expensive and too bulky right now. Soooo inkjet it is. Any ideas? What's a good brand/model??
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