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Relating the lenz's law which is making me crazy

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    Hello there.. Lenz's law has driven me crazy for many days.. I need to settle an end for this so i would actually give my doubt hoping for a good reply... Now, in many sites i've seen that the flux can actually as they say "INCREASE"" ... How is it even possible if the flux in any form is CUT.. It should always be decreased isn't it. Take for example a magnet entering a tube of copper. Many links say that the flux increase.. I mean how is it increasing.. Secondly, the e.mf or the current induced itself cause a magnetic field which opposes the orignal one creating the current... How will it oppose it. We need ofcourse to give the magnet the opposite direction.. But this wasn't for all the applications.. Y??? It is given and said that the trick part is that most people think that the new induced mag. field is opposite to the original one.. Eventually, i don't get this part... On the other hand, can it actually oppose it by reversing the direction of motion. My question is whether the opposition is made by chagnin the mag. field or motion or both.. For example, a bike cutting through per. mag field into the paper which is in a clockwise motion(the tyre) .. Will the opposition be an outward mag field or trying to move the tyre anti clock wise or both?? I need the replies urgently cs am having an exam tom. and i feel am dead.. Thanks in advance to whoever contributes
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    Answers? I don't even see any questions, although maybe something is buried in that Great Big Wall-O-Text.

    Why don't you try and write your question clearly, concisely and with attention to proper English so that it will be easily understood.
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    Damn! So?? No replies.. I guess i wrote some questions behind that big text... Ok, tell me, in Lenz law, how does the induced magnetic field oppose the cause changing the original magnetic fields. 1) By having the magnetic field in the opposite direction 2) Changin the direction of motion 3) Both
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