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Homework Help: Relation between Signal to Noise ratio and Logical Interference

  1. Oct 9, 2012 #1
    Hi there, I want to modify a equation which is written for Singal to Noise Ratio. Now I want to change for logical interference. But I could not find any reliable source of explanation, " what is the relation between SNR/SINR and interference(Logical/Physical)?"
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    Hello md.kamal1262,

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    It kind of depends on what type of system you're working with.

    Here is a place to start.


    That gives you an explanation of [itex] E_c/I_0 [/itex]. But after that you want to consider whether the interference from other cells/base stations/NodeB/access points are also being considered as "interference." Then, you'll still need to consider whether the receiver's internal thermal noise is considered too. They all take different forms of "[itex] E_c/I_0 [/itex]" such as [itex] E_c/I_{0r} [/itex], [itex] E_c/\hat I_{0r} [/itex]. Of course, even that notation depends on the standard/technology in question.
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