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Relational Solution of Measurement Problem?

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    This new paper on the arxiv, http://uk.arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0506228, proposes a solution of the measurement problem based on Smolin's idea of relational quantum mechanics.

    Suppose an electron is "observed" by some lab system. But the electron also "observes" the lab! Conservation of h-bar, as given by the deBroglie relationship, implies a change in the relative space and time coordinates between the two quantum systems similar to the Lorentz transformations but based on the relative mass scale, not the relative velocity. Then the author shows how this approach solves some of the classic puzzles of quantum measurement, such as the arbitrary basis problem.

    In the second half of the paper, he tries to express this relational QM as a classical theory based on a five dimensional metric [tex](t, x, y, z, e^{i\phi})[/tex] with tensors modelled on Einstein's GR. I haven't worked through this part of the paper yet.

    The paper was called to our attention by spin_network, on the Strings, Branes and LQG subforum.
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    SA, I have come across a similar expression by Einstein himself, in order to compare this to the current paper, I will have to do some latex equations, and I will post the Einstein illustrated quote, hopefully it will have relevance, and thanks for highlighting this great new paper.
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