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B Relationship between field lines and magnitude of charge

  1. Mar 2, 2016 #1

    I am curious as to whether there is a relationship between field lines and magnitude of charge. For instance, is the sketch for the electric field of a +1.0 micro coulomb charge the same as the sketch for a +2.0 micro coulomb charge?

    Thanks. All help is very much appreciated!
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    According to the usual orientation for interpreting the field lines, the density of lines has to do with the magnitude of the field. As the field configuration for point like charged particles are fixed, the one having more charge will have a larger number of lines. This simple rule will suffice to make the lines closer at a fixed distante from the particle having the larger amount of charge.

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    Depends. Field line density diagram is typically used to compare electric fields at different points in space.

    Thus, when drawn independently (seperate diagrams), they could have the same field line density. If however, thay are drawn in the same diagram, you need to show a greater field line density for the charge of greater magnitude.
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