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Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

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    Assuming that I have a pretty good foundation of relativity (twin paradox, pole paradox, Lorentz transformations, four vectors, etc.), and I have a good foundation of the preliminaries of quantum mechanics (up to spin, angular momentum, etc... a bit of time-dependent perturbation theory and identical particles theory), would it be appropriate to start studying relativistic quantum mechanics? If so, what would be a good place to start?
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    yes it would be a great place to start :-)

    The book I use is "Relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory" by Gross, Wiley. Pretty good. I also have some lecture notes which my professor have written.
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    I concur with malawi-glenn: Gross has written an outstanding text; he writes clearly, and does the math in a very understandable fashion. He does a particularly nice job of showing how pair-production occurs for a relativistic boson going through a Coulomb barrier. Also. it's nicely structured for self study.

    Reilly Atkinson
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