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Relativity Theory and Quantum Theory

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    Does the reason for the incompatibility between Relativity Theory and Quantum Theory lie in how Relativistic equations for the space-time manifolds taken on a differential scale differ from Quantum Theory's equations (I don't even know if they differ or if there are such equations...I'm only assuming)?

    Edit: by any chance...am I just speaking nonsense? I only came across this question when reading on manifolds and assumed that Relativity Theory should compare to Quantum theory if space-time was zoomed to a differential scale.
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    Gear, i think this question might do better in a different area like relativity or quantum theory.
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    I guess I'll re-post...thanks for the suggestion.
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    I moved this thread to S and GR, and deleted the other thread which had no replies yet.
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    I see...so that is the case.

    An additional question. I haven't studied Relativity in much depth, but by what I know, gravity in Relativity would be due to space-time curvature. I've also heard of work dealing with a particle of gravity (graviton), which seems to appear in more that than one theory...how would the concept of a particle fit in with space-time curvature?
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    There is one situation where gen. rel. and quantum theory have to apply at the same time, i.e. inside a black hole. Unfortunately they are incompatible there.
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    Oh, I see...would the reason be because of what was mentioned in my opening post? Also, how would a particle of gravity relate to space-time curvature?
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