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Research for undergraduates during the summer?

  1. Dec 28, 2007 #1
    Research for undergraduates during the summer??

    I am studying physics with medical physics in the UK and for the last 3 months I am looking for summer research internships for undergraduates but all I found are in the US and all of them ask for US citizens or permanent residence.(most of them are part of the REU program)
    Is there anything similar for EU citizens in the EU?
    I am particularly interested in nanotech and physics related to medicine.

    PS. Is it better for a fresher to spent the first summer studying alone or working on a research project?
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    Being from the states, I don't know about research internships in the EU, but you may want to see if a professor at your own university needs some help with a project. I'm sure there has to be some professor in your department at your university who needs an extra hand with something.
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    I always just emailed the professors of the labs I was interested in.
    Attach a CV and a reference contact (if you have any).
    This works in the hole EU area, too.
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