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Research in field other than graduate school specialization?

  1. May 27, 2012 #1
    I know that undergraduate research is extremely helpful for graduate school, but how about research that was done in a field not directly related to what you're hoping to go to graduate school for? I'm looking at applying to PhD programs in Material Science/Materials Engineering this fall and have had two research positions as an undergraduate (one of which resulted in a paper while the other has a submitted paper pending approval), but one of the research positions was computer science/computer engineering based and the other was economics/mathematics based. I realize that it obviously looks better if undergrads have done research in the area they want to study, but do schools still take into account evidence that you can perform some kind of independent academic research?

    I'm working on a new research project this summer and into next fall while I finish up my last couple of classes. I was thinking of trying for an internship to save up some money prior to graduate school, but I should I be looking for MatSci research opportunities (which I'm not even sure you can get as a graduate)?
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    They are all good! It shows that you have the ability to expand beyond your immediate horizon.

    One should not worry too much on the applicability of the research done while an undergraduate. Don't pay too much attention on the subject matter. Rather pay attention to the skills that you acquire when doing such things. Such skills often transcends a particular subject area, or even your major.

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    what about biology research for someone who wants to go into physics for grad school? I'm engineering right now
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    Phew! Good to hear that it won't make me look indecisive in my research interests.
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