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Research on Aerospace Engineering

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    I did some research on Aerospace Engineering and would further like to ask do these type of jobs get you into NASA or is it mostly physicist. I saw some jobs relating to Aerospace and i saw stuff like air traffic control officer, nothing in the area of 'SPACE'.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Re: Aerospace!!

    Hey guys I have completed my graduation in computer engineering.I have interest to build a career into Aerospace field.Is it possible for to pursue Masters in Aerospace?
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    Re: Aerospace!!

    Aerospace engineers definitely get to work in the area of "space". I dont know where you were looking but aerospace engineering doesnt really have anything to do with air traffic control officer, and NASA is full of all types of engineers and scientists.

    I am assuming from your post you are trying to figure out which major to do. If you want to be involved in space exploration at NASA there is a huge list of majors that could get you involved in this field. It just depends on what you are interested in electronics, optics, structures/materials, fluid mechanics, chemistry, biology, math, physics... From what Ive seen space exploration is a very diverse field, so as I am sure most people would say pick your major based on what you are passionate about and try to get internships at NASA while at school. NASA has a lot of great internship programs.
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    Re: Aerospace!!

    Thanks for the reply JD88,

    The place were i found the info was careercrusing.com. Also Nasa doesn't offer internships to Canadian students. I may be wrong.
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    Re: Aerospace!!

    Of course, aerospace engineers would find a job related to space - e.g., space vehicles.

    See here -

    One can also look at the sites/pages for NASA Centers - e.g. Marshall, Langley, JPL, Stennis, Glenn, . . . .

    One can also look at opportunities with United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney), Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumann, . . . .

    Also - I highly recommend perusing the pages of AIAA - www.aiaa.org - and becoming a member, student or professional, if one is serious about aerospace.

    For example - http://www.aiaa.org/content.cfm?pageid=4 [Broken]
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