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Research Paper topics for Electrical Engineering?

  1. Jan 29, 2012 #1
    Could anyone suggest me topics for writing a research paper?
    ares of interest may include:
    -Electrical engineering (power systems/electronics etc.)
    -embedded systems
    -matlab and simulink

    Thank you!
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    what are your interests?
    what field(s) do you want to work in after graduation?

    what recent advances have there been in that field? (google scholar, and doaj.org are very useful. Your school's library probably also has access to non-free journals.

    of these advances, which would you like to extrapolate on?

    What is your dream-widget (the invention/development that you want to give the world before you die)? Can you take steps towards that?

    What phenomena/development do you know very well (can you explain something inside and out to a non-technical person?)
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    thnx for your reply.
    this is the thing. my interests are completely different.

    My interest is : AERONAUTICAL engineering, and i want to do a masters in the same.But somehow landed up in Electrical :(

    I could really work up on those points. but the thing is there is no proper guidance in my college as to how to go about all this, I just want to do in the field on my own.
    So if i have somebody to brief upon or at least open up the windows to the topics etc, I could work upon it and then present it accordingly.

    i will check the links you told right away.
    Thanks a lot!
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    Have you looked in to mechatronics- the discipline that combines EE and ME. Seems like a perfect application would be controlling an aircraft.
    Lots of research opportunities there, it seems.
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    jim hardy

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    are you a member of eaa.org ?

    see if you can find a local chapter...

    there's a need for simple explanation of and methods to measure torsional vibration in small piston engine crankshafts , and how the amteur builder can design around them.
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