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Homework Help: Resistivity of Conductor

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    While taking photographs in Death Valley on a day when the temperature is 51.0°C, Bill Hiker finds that a certain voltage applied to a copper wire produces a current of 1.000 A. Bill then travels to Antarctica and applies the same voltage to the same wire. What current does he register there if the temperature is -88.0°C? Assume that no change occurs in the wire's shape and size.

    At the low temperature T we write R = R0 [1 + a(Tc — To)] where To =?
    tW AV
    At the high temperature Th, Rh = = R [1 + a(Th — To)]

    My question is how do i find what To is?
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    Are you allowed to use standard values from literature ? Or must you only use data provided in the question ?

    If it is the latter, then there isn't sufficient data in the question as posted by you.
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