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I Resonant frequency of small particles

  1. Jul 13, 2017 #1
    How can find the resonant frequency of small objects like dust particles?
    What factors affect the resonant frequency?
    And is resonant frequency dependent on size?
    i.e. if the resonant frequency of 1 cm3 of glass is some certain value, would it be the same for a larger size?
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    What kind of resonance? Resonance in the air where there are sound waves?
    That's a different question. A solid object will support resonances of sound waves related to standing waves internal to the object. All of the traditional stuff applies, including the Bulk Modulus of the material and its size and what fundamental frequencies and harmonics are supported by the object's shape.

    A small flexible object like a dust particle will not support much in terms of internal sonic resonances -- the Bulk Modulus is too low, IMO.
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