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Respecting Time Symmetry when programming

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    Where can I learn to break the habit of using time steps and instead use mathematical frameworks to preserve time symmetry when programming simulations?
    I recently visited a site ( bugman123.com ). He's got a lot of STEM experience. He's written simulations and programs for a lot of things. What immediately sticks out to me is how smooth his simulations look. In particular, his physics simulation of a particle smashing into a wall of particles and how all the light refracts properly. http://bugman123.com/Physics/index.html
    Where can I learn to program like that?
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    Thanks for the link to those programs and animations. They were very interesting!

    Can I ask what preserving time symmetry means here?
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    Noether's Theorem and the Motion of Creation

    Symmetry and conservation laws: Noether's contribution to physics - Uhlenbeck

    These videos will be the best at explaining. But it's basically math that preserves the conservation of energy.
    The conservation of energy isn't just a property of the universe. We can also simulate it.

    So I think it's possible to do these things in a computer program with actual objects. I've got a "chaos theory". I just don't know if the math works and would respect time symmetry.

    I need worm holes too. I'm not sure if they're possible mathematically.
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    Do you have any programming experience?
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    Yes, I do. 8 years.
    I just don't know the concepts of math well enough. Damn shame, I know.
    Frustrates the hell out of me because teachers didn't really get behind my unique projects.
    I am sure there are a lot of people here with a burning resentment like that. Soul crushing.
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    Have you looked at some of the code snippets listed on the site?
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    The systems with code snippets have no contrast between two different energies or particles. They're all just 1 definition for 1 particle or field or material. I'm also not good at math, and that's a language on top of programming. Calculus does a lot of tricks I just wont understand unless they are commented out.
    'the one with balls uses a time step
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    Without knowing what your unique projects were, it's hard to sympathize.
    No. Conservation of energy is an attribute we observe. Mathematics has nothing to do with energy being conserved.

    The phrase "time symmetry" is usually referred to as "cyclical" or "periodic." I don't know what you mean by "would respect time symmetry."

    You're putting much more faith in the "abilities" of mathematics than are warranted.
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    I see. Well, I don't think I can help you. I'd be interested in learning more myself though.
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