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Restraining couple w/ vectors

  1. Sep 28, 2010 #1
    Given the following couple moments:

    C1=100i+30j+82k lb-ft
    C2=-16i+42j lb-ft
    C3=15k lb-ft

    what couple will restrain the twisting action of this system about an axis going from

    r1=6i+3j+2k ft to r2=10i-2j+3k ft
    while giving a moment of 100 lb-ft about the x axis and 50 lb-ft about the yaxis?

    I understand that because of the given information the final couple moment will be C = 100i +50j +?k, but I am unsure as to how you compute the value for the k component of the vector. I dont think i can use the axis given to find the force in the other couples because they arent on the same axis. Please advise.
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