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Rewiring an RC car. (56k warning)

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    I'm trying to rewire my RC car. Basically, the car has two states that are important.

    State 1: The Car is on. Light 1 (the underglow) is on. Light(s) 2 (The Headlights and Brakelights, which I believe are, for all intents and purposes are the same) is off.

    State 2: The Car is on and a remote is detected. Light 1 and Light 2 are on.

    I'd like the Car to be in State 2 while the car is on and no remote is detected.

    The plug that goes into the car seems to have a splitter. The left plug on the splitter handles the headlights and brakelights, and the right plug handles the underglow. So, I guess I want everything to be handled by the right plug.

    I could just start splicing wires all willy nilly like, but I'd like to avoid shorting the car out, and I figured you guys are smarter than I am.

    If you need any more details, just ask.

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    Nice car but you need to trace out where the wires go now.

    Some LEDs cannot survive getting a large reverse voltage on them so you need to see which way they are connected now. So the wires that go to the + side of the battery should still get +ve voltage on them when you reconnect them.

    Ideally, you should do this with a multimeter and take particular note of the polarity of the voltages. If there is a "-" sign next to the voltage readout on a digital meter, the leads are connected so the "+" wire is more negative than the "-" one.

    LEDs should have a resistor in series with them. If this is near the LED, you can just connect the leads to the LED + resistor in parallel. If these resistors are in the receiver box, you can't put them in parallel at the terminal block in your picture.

    Try to draw out what you've got and take a picture of the drawing or draw it in MSPaint and attach it to a new message.
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    Which genre of xmod are you working w/? it looks like the first release, I can try to work something out assuming mine still works after being dismantlement and who knows what.
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