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Ripley's Believe it or Not? Dont believe it!

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    The truth is..I really dont know if I'll believe it or what.
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    That may take a while to master
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    There is a method to solving a Rubix cube. I tend to believe that this is real. I think in 4 hours, though, my head would explode.
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    There's a method to solving the 3x3 version I know that I'm sure with a bit of work could be applied to 20x20, although why you would want to is beyond me, how boring would that be to do?
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    while??? for me, It would take Decades!!!!!
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    I'd probably give up after the first decade.

    I think thats the real question isn't why someone would want to, but WHO would want to?
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    Pfft, what a load of crap. Notice how the computer showed you which rows and columns were moved, just really fast? He just memorized that and undid it.
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    Yeah, its real, my friend gets sub-minute ones on his 3 by 3 and can do a 5 by 5 in about 5 mins. The thing is, being 20 by 20 there is no center, which makes it much harder. Infact he just ordered an 11 by 11.
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    none of this is impressive, all of these are solved algorithmically
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    1st decade..? maybe..I'm already dead..o:)
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