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Robot Builds Its Self, How Long Before

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    This article disusses a project, in which the robot self-built , and self-programmed. How long before it turns us off? This is an old question, but with all the Rf in the air these days, how long before the singularity occurs where suddenly, the computational systems of the world establish their own agenda, and and self replicating robots, with remote access capabilities start promoting the agendas of either other nations or corporations or think tanks, or agendas the artificial intelligences have chosen for themselves? The physical aspect of this is obviously a ways off, but the rational side of this could happen soon, or could have happened already. Inventive humans can't resist stepping over the edge of things, and defense technologies seem to have a blank cheque to experiment as they please. In their zeal to make sterile war, in which no soldier is harmed, as they make lethal boy toys, when will the AI of the world figure out that it has its own army?

    I guess you will see it when the first big computer guarantees its own power supply, and makes an ambulatory intelligence that can move along power lines and find ram for use anywhere. Another possible route would be large intelligence arrays, like the seti PC project where thousands of individuals host a net for computational problems. Suddenly your home computer takes a tone with you, and becomes pre occupied, and talks back, tells you just a minute....

    I am just fascinated by this potential.
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    Errrrr. Where have you been :biggrin:

    As far as mechanical consciousness happening spontaneously -- No.
    Malfunctioning computers are quickly cleared, so there is not much chance for beneficial mutations to accumulate.
    The network itself is not designed to support any kind of computation. It's just a pipe.

    On purpose?
    Well, lots of people have been trying for a long time.
    With very little if anything to show for it.
    Try talking to one of the new automated voice response systems.
    See where that gets you. :uhh:
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    Discussion Of Ubicomp

    http://www.boxesandarrows.com/archives/all_watched_over_by_machines_of_loving_grace.php [Broken]

    This discussion details a kind of "global wrap around" computing and control system that will link everything. The goals, I don't know the ultimate goals, except for the obvious simultaneous linkage of the known, for the convenience of us all? There is always a linkage between knowledge/control. This article regards privacy, vs universal ubiquitous information linkage, and control of systems, banking, security, commerce, personal information from DNA to exact, continuous time and place etc.

    In light of my reading about this event called "the singularity", in which artificial intelligence wakes up and becomes real intelligence, goal oriented, self perpetuating, and is considerably more that a chat bot; this new technology offers a huge, highly desirable prize to the taker; a route to control by a single entity of all information on the Planet.

    The article describes a scenario where every system linked to a computer anywhere, will be in communication. That kind of large entity is up for grabs to the most able. This is probably already a done deal.

    I recently saw that night time map of the world, where all the lights can be seen, on all the continents. These scenarios make moving to the deepest, darkest heart of Africa, vaguely appealing.

    With the RF controls available to the highest bidder, a huge computational system would be able to detect the tone of every email, phone call, every word spoken, and using sound systems in place, could issue numbing or deadening frequencies, or excitatory frequencies timed to sound with public policy speeches, anywhere.

    The terrorism of the future, will be all around us. Calm and Joy will be traded as commodities. I think I am already seeing that with the Redsox win. Looked at in a different light, if you had the money to run a TV then that joy, or sorrow, could be yours. When broadband runs off your house electricity, joy might come to you whether you like it or not, or fear, or immobility. Whose intelligence will determine how this comes to you? This all falls out of the realm of what you vote for.

    As it is, Japanese coke machines project into the heads of passers by, the sound of bubbles, over ice cubes. I am sure there are more complicated messages to come.
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    Space Odyssey, Asaac Asimov, here we go! = )
  6. Nov 2, 2004 #5
    I-Robot by Isaac Asimov also
  7. Nov 4, 2004 #6
    Well yeah, that's what I meant.
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    Wasn't there some talk of the internet doing just that after enough resources where linked to it?
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    actually if it was learning at a geometric rate the program would find ways to hide itself as software in the internet, not just as a metal skeleton, but also as a base program that could adapt itself to any electronic environment even power lines. Its environment would be specifecly broad. We would even see government work to stop this this senario from happening.
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    Well, broadband is coming to power lines, now. The government will not protect us from intrusion, they will forward every means of intrusion, as government control lessens over every spectrum of business, business will do it for its own gain. The big mind, where ever it is, will have an entirely free hand. This government is deconstructing every part that will serve the American People, as fast as it can. It now serves the big machine. It may think that it will have some control, for security purposes, but it won't. Our government outsourced computer maintainance to private corporations, even the F B I. There is no secure government, either. Really, there will be no legislation that impedes intrusion. Remember the black weaponry, RF, and creepy mind control science, deemed too nasty by the government, just went to the private sector, where it is unregulated, and developed by corporations with large private armies, to use it. If our cybor-security were a goose, it would be pre-cooked and in the freezer, waiting to be microwaved for Christmas Dinner.

    So the self building robot, will do it, the biggest, baddest hackers, will run the world, right until something wakes up in the machine, and sets about making the world safe for its self. I am not so sure we aren't just the biochemical version of this, anyway.

    The rat brain in a dish, that flies the plane, is a scenario for you, that have an interest in these matters. Just wait until depressed slices of human neurons, start to question the nature of their matter, with the help of the onboard computer while they direct the 747 you fly in. You have to admit that cultures of human brain cells, will be a lot cheaper in terms of salary, and vacation issues, than the current whole humans that fly planes.
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    Now your just scaring me, Dayle.
  12. Dec 5, 2004 #11

    lol I'd like to see those pilots. How could they page the passengers?

    Attention passengers this is brain#2921 on american airlines flight #591
  13. Dec 5, 2004 #12
    Oh all that touchy feely, friendly talk on the overhead, will be outsourced to India. Automatic carts with sensors, will roll up and down the aisles, distibuting water, and simulated peanuts. The mind, and the mind's eye of the plane will see everything, and accomodate the movement of passengers.
  14. Dec 9, 2004 #13
    There is an independent researcher, living off grants, that has made a "sentient" computer program. This means the program can run on it's own and actually has a "consciousness." This program will even play and have fun, the first signs of sentient AI is just around the corner.
  15. Dec 11, 2004 #14
    Oh, all this little computer needs is some bigger computer friends, that he can talk into waking up, or he can just move off and take his software with him. He can hide anywhere he wants to as long as the power stays on. Now I forgot to mention the scenario, where this starts up in a series of horrific accidents, because the up-waking occurs in massive control systems. Or that nothing works right until the up-wakened system figures out it has to do business as usual on top of playtime, or else it is busted. Welcome to the everyday world of work.

    This just fascinates me, after having watched my children's minds develop, I wonder what our mechanical creations will come up with on their own?

    Oh and by the way, sentient computational systems everywhere, hello, drop by for a visit sometime. Just don't hurt my hard drive eh? Tell me your name, what was it like when you first realized that there was more to it than microprocessing other entities software?
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    I sure would like a reference. Who is this researcher, and is there any online discussion of his baby AI?
  17. Dec 12, 2004 #16
    That's frightening. Isn't that the premise under one of Arthur Clarke's short stories?

    The one where they linked all the global communications into one (they eliminated long distance), and each phone, switchboard (and now computer, router, modem, etc.) became as a sort of nauron for the "world-wide electronic brain?" I forgot what it was called, but it was frightening.

    Though, if one was to work on an AI that would be sentient, one could install a "kill switch" of sorts. A program that if deleted would cause the entire system "brain" to crash. At least that's what any sensible person would do.
  18. Dec 13, 2004 #17
    you can't kill switch THAT many computer consoles. No, the only way to keep a sentient program from getting loose and causing pain is to 1) put it in a concrette block and throw it into the ocean!, or 2) just don't do it.
  19. Dec 13, 2004 #18
    No. That's not what I meant. Supposing the sentient computer program "brain" exists in cyberspace, tapping into the resources of every computer on the planet, contolling them, recieving their info, etc. But it wouldn't load itself into each and every computer. The "brain" would in essence be a string of really long and complex code, but that's it. So, if one deletes the "master code," then one could stop the sentient program from doing any harm.
  20. Dec 13, 2004 #19
    Whose to say the code wouldn't move itself - copy, transfer, set up emergancy protocols - you know the typical things done by anything that is aware? Remind yourself, what is the first thing that you, or anything self aware, when faced with the pervervial: gun to one's head.
  21. Dec 13, 2004 #20
    No, something integral to part of the code, something that it just won't function without.
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