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Robotics, what sub-discipline deals with

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    For a basic robotic arm, how does it gain feedback of where the joint articulation/position is? I'd like to start learning about that a bit more, so any resources and insights would be great.

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    Typically the feedback is motor mounted - on the shaft( providing motor drive control - and arm position info) - done with Resolvers ( analog) or an encoder ( digital) - I have been out of the details on this for a while 10 years, however the resolver seems to be the better system, but more expensive, and requires more integration. But if you research these two technologies - you will learn a lot about how these are used.
    Of course any motor shaft mounted system needs then to be calibrated at installation - to align with the actual arm position.
    I would pick an arm - and research that. i.e. http://pergatory.mit.edu/kinematicc...abb_robotics/general/6400r product manual.pdf
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    Windadct, thank you for your response. This is definitely going to inspire further research in your suggested direction.
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