Rotating object angular velocity question

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A rotating object has angular velocity 10radians/s. After one min through what angle has the object rotated in 1) radians 2) degrees

2. Relevant equations

Degrees = Radians x 180/Pi

3. The attempt at a solution

I have tried and only come up with an answer of 3600 which i know is wrong

3600 what?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance!


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(rad/s)*(s)= radians

also, 1 min = 60 s.
So are we saying that 10*60 = 600 radians

Therefore 6.00 = d x Pi/180

6.00 = d x 0.0175

6.00/0.0175 = d

d = 343 degrees?
or is it...... θ = (w0 + w)t/2

θ = (0+10) x 60/2

θ = 300 Degrees?

Thanks in advance
How can it be 600 radians that does not make sense! Im sorry but I dont understand


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so would the answer to the original question be

1) 600 Radians

2) 34377 Degrees

Thanks in advance

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