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Homework Help: Rotational Equilibrium Lab Question

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    In my general physics lab, we are trying to show that certain systems are in equilibrium. The apparatus that we are using for rotational equilibrium consists of a boom resting on an axis point, attached to a string/pully that has a given tension.

    The measured forces in the lab are in Newtons, but the measurements of the Moment Arms are in centimeters. Will I need to convert my measurements into meters before doing my calculations?


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    What are the units of a Newton?
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    The forces were originally in grams, so we converted them to Newotons by mutliplying the mass by 10^-3, then multiplying b y 9.8 m/s So.... the Newton would be Kg*m/s...

    This is why I was thinking I had to convert my measurements to meters, so everything jived together. Am I correct in thinking this?
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    Most definitely.

    Be more certain next time. Facts are facts.
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