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Rotational Speed/Linear Speed help, need confirmation

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A 4 kg block, 10m above the ground is attached to a long cord which is wrapped around a 1050 g iron disc of radius 40 cm. The system is originally at rest, afterwards the block is let go and allowed to fall. From the time the block is let go to when the block crashes with the ground, calculate the speed of the block as it hits the ground
    the number of revolutions the disc makes

    2. Relevant equations

    energy equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    For the linear speed as it hits the ground i used

    mgh = .5m1v2 + .5Iω2

    Where I = 1.050*.42*.5
    m1 is the mass of the disc + the block, so 1.050+5kg = 5.050 kg
    I replaced ω with v/r, to have the equation

    mgh = .5mv2 + .5I(v/r)2

    Is this correct?

    For the revolutions, I would probably use

    θ = ωt + .5αt2, where t = (ωf - ωi)/α

    is this part correct?

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    The m in your mgh should be 4 kg as that is the mass that falls to the ground? I'm confused with the number you wanted to use for m.
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    Oh god my bad sorry, I meant the m in .5 mv^2 should be 4+1.050, so 5.05, idk where i got 1.5 from, i replaced m1 with the mass in .5mv^2, and mgh has a mass of 4 as you said. Sorry for the confusion
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