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Rudin's Principles of mathematical analysis

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    I was wondering if anyone knew a site that has some solutions to Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis text. I've heard from various sources that you can find them online places. If anyone could direct me to a site, that would be greatly appreciated.

    I hope people believe what I'm about to say. I don't want to plagiarise anyone's work. I don't want to cheat. And I'm not going to. My math professor (who is currently teaching Analysis II) gave me his copy of Rudin's book as a gift, because he is retiring at the end of this year. He said that I should look at it over the summer and learn from it; I am the "best student I've had in this course for about 8 years", and he really has faith in my mathematical study. We're currently using Trench's book, which, while good, is nothing compared to Rudin.

    So the reason why I am asking is so that over the summer, I can refer to these solutions when I study the book. I thank all of you for considering my request. If you do not want to post the site here, you can email me at <<email address deleted>>. Thanks again.
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    my advice is forget about looking at someone else's solutions and work out your own. especially if you are a good student, you need to get out of that answer book mentality.

    I have an answer book for the calc course I was teaching 10 or 15 years ago, and I still use it everyday, as a door stop for my office.

    I cannot think of any other good use for it. For that same reason probably no one has an answer book for Rudin, as no one in his right mind would bother preparing one.
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    yeah i think so too, write up your own solution manual. i've never heard of websites that have that sort of stuff on them & you'll probably learn the stuff better if you have to figure it out for yourself anyway. i know he has hints for the harder problems, and you can always put other problems on here for people to help out with if you get stuck.
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    Thank you hvery much for your help. You have inspired me to write a 'solution manual' of sorts!
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    I know this is an old topic but have you made any progress on this philosophking? I would be very interested.
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