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Rutgers New Brunswick or University of Maryland?

  1. Mar 30, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone, first time poster here. I'm a high school senior from Chicago interested in studying physics. The two schools I've narrowed it down to are Rutgers NB, and University of Maryland in College Park. I'm completely torn because both schools are so great.

    -more affordable
    -my brother lives nearby
    -I'm not certain that Rutgers is known for a great physics department. I may be wrong.
    -program is ranked higher than Rutgers
    -prettier campus...
    -I wouldn't be able to enroll until the spring semester, which starts in January
    -Costs more

    While the cost issue is important, I realize that spending more on a much better program will be worth it when it comes to applying to grad school.

    Any insight is appreciated!
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