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  1. D

    Quantum Sakurai Physics Prereqs

    Hello, I've seen some ask about math prereqs for Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics, but I was wondering about the physics prereqs as well. Should classical mechanics and electrodynamics be studied beyond first-year physics courses? Also, is statistical physics needed? What are the physics...
  2. DrClaude

    Two-level quantum system (from Sakurai)

    Homework Statement Sakurai, problem 1.11 A two-state system is characterized by the Hamiltonian $$ H = H_{11} | 1 \rangle \langle 1| + H_{22} | 2 \rangle \langle 2| + H_{12} \left[ | 1 \rangle \langle 2| + | 2 \rangle \langle 1| \right] $$ where ##H_{11}##, ##H_{22}##, and ##H_{12}## are real...
  3. noir1993

    Quantum Thoughts on Sakurai's Quantum Mechanics textbook

    I have taken a couple of graduate level courses in quantum mechanics and I have decided to read Sakurai's Modern Quantum Mechanics from cover to cover, partly because I liked his style and I have heard a lot of people talk highly of it. But I recently realised that the second edition of the same...
  4. B

    A Question while i study Modern Quantum physics by Sakurai

    In the book of Modern Quantum physics by Sakurai I wonder how 1.6.26 can be 1.6.27.
  5. C

    Sakurai Modern Quantum Mechanics (Second Edition) Eq. 1.7.15

    Homework Statement Reading Sakurai I cannot see how he gets to the end of 1.7.15 as below: Homework Equations ∫dx'|x'><x'-dx' |α> = ∫dx'|x'>{<x' |α>-Δx'∂/∂x'<x' |α>} The Attempt at a Solution I tried a Taylor expansion but cannot see how this is derived.
  6. M

    Self-study graduate QM

    Hello science buddies, This is my first post in this forum. Ok let me get to the point directly, currently I self-study graduate level quantum theory and the main book I'm using is Sakurai's. But I think for self studying it's better to also have a look at lecture notes, first because it's much...