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Homework Help: Scale drawing with Cartesian solution and Polar representation

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    1. My teacher gave us a drawing with 4 vectors on it. Vector A = 130 N and is at a 20 degree angle. Vector B = 100 N and is at a 70 degree angle. Vector C = 70 N and is on the x-axis. Vector D = 50 N and is at a 10 degree angle. Given this picture we are told to draw an accurate scale drawing with appropriate scale and measurements, complete the Cartesian solution, complete the polar representation and provide a percent discrepancy.

    2. How do I approach the Cartesian solution from this picture? What exactly is the Cartesian solution? I was absent from the class he explained this and just have notes that do not exactly explain well what I should be doing. Also what are "i hats" and "j hats"?

    3. I was able to complete the first step by making a drawing using a scale of 1 cm = 15 N. Now I am unsure of what to do for the Cartesian solution and how to approach that from here.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi mmd123! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Cartesian means use Cartesian coordinates, which is just a fancy way of saying use perpendicular (x and y or i and j) coordinates. :wink:

    So just add all the x's and y's (separately).

    ihat and jhat are the unit vectors (that is, the vectors of length 1) in the i and j directions (the x and y directions). :smile:
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