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Scaling down a table saw miter gauge

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    I need to build a table saw miter gauge at about 1/4/-1/8 scale. The center axis of rotation seems pretty straightforward - I have many old rollerblade bearings - but I have no idea how to do the handle assembly (the cylindrical screw arrangement that locks and unlocks the angle) and the sliding action. I have drawer pulls, but they are a little too big for what I'm doing.

    My top budget is $50 but I'd like to keep it under $25 if I can

    Many thanks in advance for any help



    Probably a little smaller than this

    http://shop.prox-tech.com/p/micro-shaper-mp-300?pp=125 [Broken]
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    Google images 'thumb screws plastic head'
    Does that help?
    Go to a cheap shop and buy a Chinese made camera tripod for $2 that has three screws.
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