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News Scamming the religious right

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    A new book just out, Tempting Faith, Written by David Kuo claims that the Faith Based Initiative was all politics and no substance. There are a number of clips on "You Tube" from the Olberman program. A series of videos about the book unveils how the religious right was used for political advantage.

    http://[MEDIA=youtube [Broken]

    http://[MEDIA=youtube [Broken]

    Kuo was also on CBS 60 minutes on Sunday evening.
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    There is also a movie out about something like "Jesus Camp" which recruits young evangelicals as part of a plan to place them in political positions in order to take back America and make it a 'Christian' nation.

    Film Shows Youths Training to Fight for Jesus
    So religious fundamentalism (and possibly terrorism) is being encouraged in the US?! :surprised

    Jesus Camp
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    I saw some exceprts on CNN - it made my blood boil to see little kids being brainwashed and sacrificed to this insanity.
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    I saw him interviewed and he was upset that not enough money was given to religious organizations. His criticism of Bush was that he didn't produce all of the money and support he promised the religious institutions and that Bush should be criticized for not producing more of what he promised. :bugeye:

    "David Kuo is an evangelical Christian and card-carrying member of the religious right, who got a job in the White House in the president’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives."

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    He was just on The Colbert Report last night saying this as well, unless that is where you saw it. For those interested on what he said:
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    The other side of the 'faith-based initiative' story is that some (many/most/all?) so-called 'liberal' religions (including liberal Christian) have been excluded, i.e. the money Bush was apparently promising (or that Karl Rove was arranging) was going to particular religious organizations.

    I can see given money to all or to none, but to select a few, which just happen to support a particular political party or person seems to be a violation of the separation of church and state. Effectively the White House, or administration, is sponsoring particular religious groups, which in turn provide political support.
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    Exactly, and my point was that the Bush administration has missled, and in essence even scammed his own religious right to win votes.
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    For one thing these children are too young to be forced into that kind of an emotional state. Having them worship before a life size image of George Bush crosses the line by getting into politics. Their tax exempt status should be pulled.
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    Former Bush Assistant: GOP Deceived Christians
    I don't think Bush necessarily deceived them.
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