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Scholarship offer for Illinois Institute of Tech - take it?

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    Scholarship offer for Illinois Institute of Tech -- take it?

    I'm really in need of some advice.
    I received a scholarship offer from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. They've offered me a scholarship (14k/year) that will cover about half of my total expenses each year.
    The problem is, I'm having trouble finding quality information about this school (I'd be entering the Electrical Engineering program)

    Up until getting the offer I was planning on attending my state college (UMaine) which, from everyone I've talked to, and from visits to the school, has a decent Electrical Engineering program. I feel like I know enough about the program's quality to be comfortable going there.

    And even though UMaine isn't offering me much of anything in terms of grants or scholarships, it's still cheaper. And when I figure in the extra tuition, board and travel costs to/from Chicago I'm looking at about 6000-8000 extra per year to attend the Illinois Institute of Tech.

    If the Illinois Institute of Technology is a much better school I don't mind paying the extra money, but I need to know if it is really worth it, I know almost nothing about the college. I'd hate to pay more for the same quality (or worse -- a lower quality) Electrical Engineering education.

    Has anyone been to this college, or does anyone know anything about it?

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    IIT has a well-known engineering program, at least around here. While its architecture program is known world-wide (Mies Van deRohe was the dept. head in the early days and many of its graduates are employed in many architecture firms in Chicago that built many of the famous skyscrapers), the engineering program actually has good reputation, especially with employers around the area.

    The engineering graduate program there also benefited being close to Argonne. We have 3 graduate students in EE from IIT doing their Ph.D here.

    The only thing that I would suggest you do is visit the campus first before you commit to it. While the neighborhood is slowly being improved, it is still flanked to the north and south with the infamous Chicago housing projects (they are expected to be gone soon, though). This will give you a feel for the campus and the surroundings that might factor in to your decision.

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    Hi, GeoMike

    I work for IIT, but I work at an x-ray beam-line at Argonne National Laboratory, so I can't directly answer your questions. However, I've sent a couple of messages to people who would know who to talk to.

    Is there a way I can get them in touch with you? Email or phone? Of course, I can pass along their contact information to you.

    I have taught undergraduate mechanics with calculus for IIT and find the coursework to be comparable to what I took when I was a student at the University of Illinois (and dinosaurs roamed the Earth :grumpy:) . The students seem to be the typical range of excellent to mediocre. Campus life seems to be avaliable, if a bit strange (the student union has the El running through it).

    IIT does reside on the south side of Chicago. The neighborhood is not the greatest, but is safe enough if you stay on campus or drive downtown. Parking is a hassle, but avaliable for an extra fee. Of course, if you like baseball, Cellular Field (where the White Sox play) is within walking distance... although that has a direct impact on parking.

    Let me know how best to get a hold of you and I'll pass on any information I can gather.

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    Hi, GeoMike.

    I have a contact for you. If you're still interested, PM me and I'll get it to you.

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